How to get from Kamari to Fira

Bus Timetable from Kamari to Fira

The buses from Kamari to Fira typically run every 30 minutes during the summer time but less frequently during the winter.You can check the latest timetable here.

Paying Your Fare

The fare from Kamari to Fira costs € 1.80 .
Tickets are purchased ONLY on the bus. When you enter the bus the you can take a seat if there is one available.If there is none you are not in luck and you have to commute the whole way standing. While the bus is moving, a money collector will come to you to collect your fare and give you a ticket. Please remember to keep your ticket till you get off the bus as you could be asked for it again to prove you paid your fare.

Kamari Bus Stops near you.

Santorini Bus Stop Sign
Santorini Bus Stop Sign

In Kamari there are three main bus stops that form a triangle around the village and the bus drives around Kamari in a circular way thus driving by every stop everytime .

The first one is directly at the entrance of the village close to the church of Panagia Myrtidiotisa. Its the first stop when the bus is entering the village of Kamari  and on the opposite side of the street is the bus stop that is the last one as the bus is leaving Kamari and heading towards Fira. 

Bus Stop Kamari Downtown
Bus Stop Kamari Downtown

The next stop is Kamari Beach and it’s a stop that is closest to the mountain and the “Kamara” the cave in the rock .

The  next stop is Kamari Downtown and it’s the bus stop that is closest to the market of Kamari close to the shops and also the indoor cinema of Kamari.

Before leaving Kamari the bus stops once again at the stop of  Myrtidiotissa and departs towards Fira. 

On the way to Fira

Bus Stop Open Air Cinema Kamari
Bus Stop Open Air Cinema Kamari

The next stop is the Cinema and the bus stops there at both directions.You will find the famous Kamari Open-air Cinema.

Next stop is Mesa Gonia. You can find :Canava Roussos Winery and Argyros Winery.

Next stop is Donkey Brewery. You can find : Donkey Brewery and Art Space Winery .

Next stop is Exo Gonia. You can find Artemis Karamolegos Winery and Aroma Avlis Restaurant.

Next stop is Kritikos. You can find : Kritikos Tavern (a very well known place for meat eatters),Yiannis Nomicos Estate with its local traditional products like fava beans, pistachio, small tomatoes of Santorini, capers, olives and more.

Next stop is Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum.You can get a glimpse of the past to see how people lived and worked in the old times and how wine was produced throughout the years.

You made it to Messaria !

Next stop is the village of Messaria. It is mainly a residential area with not a lot of things to see there.

There are two more stops till you get to Karterados village but there is almost nothing there.Useful only if you want to get off the bus and hike the rest of your way or if your hotel is there.

Next stop is the village of Karterados. You will find the Police station there and the Santorini Hospital as well as many hotels there that are near Fira but at much more affordable prices.

Again there is one more stop till you get to the Fira Terminal station but really nothing worth mentioning.

You are now in Fira.

Last stop is the Terminal Station of Fira. The bus stops there, the people get off the bus and it departs again sortly after going to Kamari, following the same route and the same stops as above but in reverse order.
Enjoy the town of Fira !

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